Walking Trails

Walking Trails
Cliffs of Moher

Walking Trails

There are a few options when choosing a route along the trails attached to the Cliffs. These trails can be dangerous, see our safety message page for further info. These walkways can be busy in peak periods, and you will need to dress appropriately according to the weather and time of the year. The whole route from Doolin to Hags head is 14 kilometres.

All Trails App

We recommend the All Trails App, this app is free to download and it has lots of cool functions built-in. It has many options in County Clare. It has the Cliffs of Moher coastal route built into the app. it’s very handy because it included maps and you can share photos of your trip and experiences. the All Trails App tells you the distance of the walk, elevation. The app has a built comments section for people that have previously done on certain routes and this is helpful to read peoples comments. It’s a very handy APP to have in your phone.

Doolin to The Cliffs

This route covers 8 kilometres, and it very a scenic route. You start the walk-in Doolin County Clare which is about a ten-minute drive from the visitor centre, its roughly a 7.5-kilometre drive. Doolin has some great places to eat and lovely accommodation options. Please see our Accommodation page for further info. This route is to the right-hand side if you are starting the route from the cliffs of Moher, you will pass O Brien’s Tower to the right to start the route to Doolin.

Hags Head to the Cliffs

This walkway covers 6 kilometres, Hag’s head is the most southern point of the area. Please see out bus tours page for info on shuttle buses. If you are driving to Hags head, see our link here for location. There is a car park which is 3.00 euros to park your car, and you can then start the coastal trails. It’s a really beautiful part of the world. You don’t have to pay to see the Cliff this way, it’s the FREE way to see the cliffs. Please see Public Transport page for details and a link to Shuttle bus company.

Guerin’s Path

Another option is Guerin’s path by the cliffs of Moher. Guerin’s path is owned by a local farmer that owns the land close to the visitor centre. The family-owned business is an excellent option for hikers, minibuses or people with reduced mobility. Guerin’s path is also a great spot for photos and wedding photos. See this link for further info and location.