Safety message

Safety Message While Visiting The Cliffs

Safety Message

The Cliffs of Moher and visitor centre can be a dangerous area. The area can be very dangerous at certain times. It is also an area with high-speed winds at times, a lot of rain and fog. It is highly recommended that you follow all measures used and recommendations by the visitor centre. If you are part of a group follow instructions from the tour guide or driver-guide.

Please be aware that the area can be quite foggy, this can affect your view of paths or walkways. Do not move outside the flagstone barriers that are placed close to the cliff edge, this is for safety reasons.

66 people have died at the cliffs since 1993, this figure speaks for itself. The Cliffs of Moher is a beautiful place to visit but it is also somewhere that can be dangerous.

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Dress Appropriately

You will need to dress appropriately, depending on the time of year you are attending. Bring rain gear with you. During the winter months especially it can quite wet and foggy in the area. Umbrellas, woolly hats, and good shoes are important assets when visiting the cliffs. If you are attending early in the morning, beware it can be very foggy sometimes.

Follow Instructions

Follow at safety measurer set out by the visitor centre and or your tour guide. It’s a good idea to get contact details for a tour guide or driver-guide. Take photos or selfie in a safe place, and do not put yourself at risk.

Avoid Alcohol

Travelling along the edge of the cliff, on the walkways to the right and left-hand side can be dangerous, so you will need to be 100% alert, avoid alcohol while visiting the cliffs.