O Brien's Tower

O Brien's Tower

The beautiful O Briens tower dates back to 1835. The tower was built by Cornelius O Brien who was a prominent landlord in the local area. Cornelius was a relation of a famous first High King of Ireland the great Brian Boru.

Cornelius was an MP of the British parliament. There is monument acceded to Cornelius on the road up the cliffs on the left-hand side of the road from Liscannnor. The tower was used for entertaining guests and social events.

If you need information on the visitor centre and pricing at the cliffs, see our Visitor Centre page here.

O Brien was the first person to recognise that the Cliff’s had the possibility of being turned into a tourist attraction. O Briens tower has been restored a few times over the years, more recently in 2019, it is a special place to view the coastline of Ireland and the Aran Islands.

There is a charge of 4.00 euros to climb up O Briens tower and see the beautiful view, it’s a perfect spot for a selfie! The view is something else, you get a great view of Cliffs Of Moher from a height and the Atlantic ocean and all the surrounding area. 

Tickets can be purchased in the visitor centre, it’s really worth the small fee to climb up and experience the wonderful view.